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Statute on the presentation of the Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar

As modified by the 2nd amendment of July 07th, 2004

On the basis of article 21 of the Thüringer Gemeinde- und Landkreisordnung (ThürKO) of August 16th, 1993 (GVB1. p 501 ff.), the Weimar City Council has passed the following 2nd amendment statute concerning the presentation of the Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar as stated in the announcement on January 28th, 2003 (GVBl. p. 41 ff.):



Many Weimar citizens lived under and suffered from dictatorships. Even today, countless people all over the world are still suffering from state or stately sanctioned persecution. Attacks on life and limb or infringement of personal freedom are commonplace in many countries. Torture and murder can be instruments of the exercise of power by the state, as the former concentration camp Buchenwald just outside of our city disgracefully demonstrates. However, there have always been people who – risking their own life – fought against oppression and violence. They can still be found today. Therefore, the City of Weimar is honored to present a Human Rights Award in memory of its special historical responsibility and as a symbol of all the anonymous victims of dictatorships and tyrannies throughout the world.


§ 1 Name

The award bears the name



§ 2 Awarding

(1) The award is presented to individuals, groups or organizations who actively advocate humaneness and tolerance between persons and peoples, and who particularly promote the protection and establishment of fundamental values such as equality, freedom and justice against the background of their ethnic and religious identity in their or for their home country.

(2) The award ceremony takes place annually on December 10th, the International Human Rights Day as proclaimed by the United Nations. The award is presented by the chairperson of the awarding committee “Human Rights Award” of the City of Weimar.

(3) The award is endowed with 2,500 € and an artistic present donated by the Bauhaus University of Weimar.


§ 3 Awarding procedure, awarding committee

(1) The official in charge of migration-related affairs of the City of Weimar (in the following referred to as “official”) publicly offers the award and invites individuals, groups and organizations who are committed to the spirit of article 2 to submit their suggestions of nominations in writing by January 30th of each year.

(2) Every citizen, group and organization mentioned in § 3, section 1 has the right to nominate an individual, group or organization for the award. Nominations are to be delivered in a sealed envelope to the official who records them in a list by April 30th of each year. If justified, the chairperson can extend the deadline to May 30th in case the official proposes to do so. The envelopes are to bear the address of the nominating individual/group/organization and the words “Human Rights Award”. Nominations that do not comply with these formal standards or do not meet the deadline will not be considered. The nominating party will not be informed.

(3) The official evaluates the nominations according to the criteria listed in attachment 2 of the statues and prepares a list of recommendations. The awarding committee receives this list of recommendations together with copies of the original nominations. The awarding committee elects among its members a chairperson and a deputy for the duration of one legislative period.

(4) By July 30th at the latest of each year, the chairperson summons the awarding committee of the City of Weimar in accordance with attachment 1 of the statute and sets the schedule. The official clarifies in advance with the proposed person/group/individual if he/she/they is/are willing to accept the award before announcing the nomination.

(5) The City Council confirms the selected nominee in a non-public poll at the latest in its meeting taking place in August.


§ 4 Financing

The expenses for the award ceremony including the award sum itself are to be financed by donations.


§ 5 Coming into Effect

The statues are coming into effect on the day of their public announcement. The form used in the statues includes the masculine as well as the feminine forms.

Herewith it is confirmed that the Weimar City Council has decided upon the 2nd amendment statute in its meeting on April 28th, 2004 on the presentation of the Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar. The Landesverwaltungsamt (State Administration Department) of Thüringen has explicitly admitted the preterm announcement of the 2nd amendment statute with a document dating from May 24th, 2004 (Az.: 204.1-1406-003/97 WE) acc. to § 21, section 3, part 3 ThürKO.

As of § 21 section, 4 ThürKO:

The violation of regulations concerning procedure and form when deciding upon the statute above, which result from the Thüringer Gemeinde- und Landkreisordnung as of August 16th, 1993 (GVBl. p. 501) as stated in the new announcement on 28th January, 2003 (GVBl. p. 41) or regulations passed on the basis of this law, are not to be considered if it is not communicated in writing to the City of Weimar, 99423 Weimar, Schwanseestraße 17, designated with the case circumstances confirming the violation within one year after the announcement of the statute.

This does not apply if regulations on the approval of the copy or the announcement of the statute were violated. If this was the case, everyone can enforce one´s claim of violation even after the one-year deadline.

The statute at hand is to be announced publicly according to § 21 section, 4 ThürKO.

Weimar, July 07th, 2004
Dr. Volkhardt Germer
Lord Mayor (city seal)

Published in the town hall newspaper, official gazette of Weimar, no. 14/04 as of July 18th, 2004, p. 2262