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8/17/2017 : 7:48 am : +0200

Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar

International Human Rights Conference 9th of December 1998


Many Weimar citizens lived under and suffered from dictatorships. Even today, countless people all over the world are still suffering from state or stately sanctioned persecution. Attacks on life and limb or infringement of personal freedom are commonplace in many countries. Torture and murder can be instruments of the exercise of power by the state, as the former concentration camp Buchenwald just outside of our city disgracefully demonstrates. However, there have always been people who – risking their own life – fought against oppression and violence. They can still be found today. Therefore, the City of Weimar is honored to present a Human Rights Award in memory of its special historical responsibility and as a symbol of all the anonymous victims of dictatorships and tyrannies throughout the world.