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awarding criteria

To the statute on the presentation of the Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar as of August August 31th, 1995 in accordance with § 21 of the Thüringer Gemeinde- und Landkreisordnung (ThürKO) as of August16th, 1993 (GVBl. p. 501 ff).

The criteria to be considered in the selection process for the Human Rights Award of the City of Weimar are, according to article 3:

The Human Rights Award is presented to groups or individuals who actively advocate:

  • freedom and equality of all people,
  • the prevention and proscription of genocide,
  • freedom of speech and freedom of information for the individual,
  • the participation of people in public affairs of their country,
  • freedom of assembly and freedom of association,
  • holding free, secret and periodically elections,
  • respect for and protection of political, ethnical, cultural and religious rights of minorities,
  • the rights of victims of political, gender-, religion- or race-related persecution and of those who create new prospects for these persons in their home country or in host countries,
  • the abolition of the death penalty,
  • minimization of weapon and arms exports into areas of political instability and sales to governments that are not democratically legitimized,
  • the realization of innovative political and ethical principles,
  • the rights of victims of war and other victims of violence.